Retrieve Medical Records in the Digital World

Medical records on tabletThe trend toward digital record keeping isn’t just for businesses. It’s also cropping up in government and healthcare applications. The ability to strictly control information security is a major benefit of a digital system for both government- and healthcare-related applications. The ease of granting specific users access to documents, revoking access, and tracking user activity makes it easy to stick to regulation. This also greatly reduces the risk of information falling into the wrong hands, violating patient trust and even the law. And of course, lean practices  can benefit any organization. Who doesn’t want increased efficiency?

Make it accessible — but not too accessible

For hospital leaders especially, it can be difficult to ensure that data is available to the right people but never the wrong ones. Patient privacy is a major concern, and many hospital decision-makers have been grappling with the issue of making data accessible enough to boost organizational efficiency but not so accessible that patient privacy is at risk.

One of the biggest benefits of digitizing documents is the fact that users can access the files they need in an instant — from anywhere. This bonus can quickly become a detractor if there is any possibility of users being able to access files that they shouldn’t have access to with that same ease. Medical records and health records are, if done correctly, comprehensive, containing information about patients that can span the entirety their experiences at certain facilities — and even entire medical histories.

So how do stakeholders stay in compliance as well as keep their data available to those who need it and safe from those who shouldn’t? It’s imperative that financial leaders eliminate waste wherever they can to reduce spending and improve service — but only if it can be done safely and correctly.

For leaders of hospitals and government organizations, the transition to digital records management is both a necessity and a tricky arena to navigate. This is why it’s so important to have someone on your side who understands the ins and outs of the public sector and who is able to ensure your system allows exactly the movement of information necessary — and no more.

TransAccess experts are armed with the knowledge and tools to do just that for your document management system. We know that information security is make or break for your organization, and we’re prepared to make your platform easy-to-use and airtight.

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