Is Cloud Computing Worth It?

Cloud computingToday, storing your business documents digitally is par for the course. That means there are lots of different ways to manage your documents. So why choose cloud-based storage?


No matter your business size, the cloud can handle it. The cloud’s scalability means it’s not excessive for small companies and not restrictive for large ones.

As explained in an article for Logicworks, some cloud providers offer automatic scaling features which can protect businesses from server failures based on sudden, unexpected influxes of traffic. By adjusting your cloud usage in relation to your needs, you never need to expend resources when they’re not necessary. What does that mean? Total efficiency. Pay for what you need — period.

Lower costs

Not only can businesses save money by paying only for the resources they need but cloud-based storage can also save them money in other ways. The cloud computing model is unique in that it allows the use of minimum resources in order to meet maximum demand. In fact, a study by Booz Allen Hamilton showed that businesses could save 50-67% of the life cycle cost for a 1,000-server deployment by using cloud computing. That’s right — more than half.


Cloud-based document management also gives you increased reliability: In the incident of a computing failure, unlike older systems, there’s no downgrade in quality. Matthew Finnie, Chief Technology Officer of Interoute, explained in a Huffpost Tech article that, rather than switching to a less functional “backup” system, cloud computing allows the minimization of risk by ensuring that non-critical systems take the first hit in the event of an outage. This means your most important systems stay online and accessible.


But all those benefits wouldn’t mean much if you couldn’t organize your system the way you want it. Luckily, cloud computing allows infinite flexibility on that front. The TransAccess Content Management Module is a flexible, customizable system with powerful search functions. Improve on your current system: TransAccess makes it easy to find exactly the file you need, exactly when you need it.

The word is out — cloud-based computing is the future of IT. Make the transition now so you can start reaping the benefits and avoid getting left behind.

Ready to take the plunge? Contact us online or give us a call at (866) 878-2490 to schedule a demo and learn more about how TransAccess can help your organization move to the cloud.

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