Conquer that Document Digitization Mountain in 4 Simple Steps

Too much workKeeping and maintaining records is a requirement for most organizations. Making sure it’s done — and done well — can seem easier said than done. But with the right tools, it can be simple, streamlined, and standardized.

For many company employees, digitizing document management systems can sound like the stuff of nightmares. The sheer volume of a project like that can make it seem impossible to achieve. But like any seemingly insurmountable task, it’s a lot more manageable when it’s been broken down into parts.

Today, we’ll demystify the process by breaking it down into four steps: scanning, storing, retrieving, and securing.


Historically, scanning has been a cumbersome task, often requiring a centralized scanning station and even specific staff. Luckily, as technology has evolved, scanning has gotten significantly simpler. It is now affordable, quick, and easy to scan documents at any workspace. No need for complex employee training — today’s systems are so user friendly, anyone can operate them. The key is to designate this step in your process.


Unlike paper records, the formats in which digital records are stored change rapidly. In just a few short years, the format you’re using could be defunct. Imagine if you had digitized your records twenty years ago and were now working with boxes of floppy disks — not a pretty picture, right? For this reason, it’s important that your electronic files are not only securely stored and accessible for future reference but are also maintained to ensure that they remain up to date.


You could store all the files in the world, and it wouldn’t be helpful if you couldn’t access them. That’s why the third step in any document digitizing process is ensuring that file retrieval is just as easy as file storage.

The sheer volume of data that most businesses need to store means that, without a well-organized system, retrieving the data you need could be like finding a needle in a haystack. Your retrieval system should include well-thought-out indexing and easy search functions to allow quick access to the files you need.


This final and extremely important step is security. You want all your business’s documents at your fingertips, but not at just anyone’s! A well-secured system allows you to set up groups with different permissions, easily designate authority and change it if necessary. It’s of paramount importance to have the ability to control which parties have access to view and edit each document.

Digitizing your files can look like an impossible mountain to climb if you try to tackle it all at once. But broken down into these four foothills, it isn’t so scary! If you’re ready to digitize your documents, TransAccess from Peniel Solutions is the tool you need. This highly flexible system is secure enough for even the most sensitive cases. Easy to use and maintain, TransAccess collaborates well with other programs, making your document management that much simpler. Contact Peniel Solutions to learn more about how TransAccess can make digitizing your documents easy!

Contact us online or give us a call at (866) 878-2490 to schedule a demo and learn more about how TransAccess can simplify and speed up your digitizing process.

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